Your local gas station has a patriotic Spirit®.

The Spirit® brand was established in 2002 as a national brand option for retail gasoline and convenience stores. In the years since then, more and more shoppers and motorists across our nation have come to look for the Spirit® eagle and patriotic colors when seeking out a clean, pleasant, dependable fueling experience.

With Spirit®, consumers enjoy the same quality product of the major brand names with the satisfaction of buying gas from an American company that has no foreign interests or dealings.

American-owned and managed, Spirit® Petroleum is proud to serve motorists from coast to coast.

Spirit gas station
Spirit Gas Station 3

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The Petroleum Marketers Oil Company, LLC (PMOCO) and the Spirit brand are owned by the nonprofit Petroleum Marketers Association of America. The brand is available to independent petroleum marketers who are members of PMAA’s 48 state and regional trade associations. ©  Spirit® Petroleum