Jones-Blair Paint Company

jones blair logoThe Spirit® brand’s eye-catching, patriotic color scheme relies on Spirit® Brand paint colors formulated by the Jones-Blair Company, Spirit®’s exclusive provider for paints and coatings.

A pioneer in the industry, Jones-Blair revolutionized the service-station coatings business in the 1970s with a line of high-performance urethane paints that have since become industry standard. Today ninety-five percent of major refiner and independent petroleum brands specify Jones-Blair products for their imaging needs. Jones-Blair’s durable coatings apply smoothly and easily, resist fading and chipping, retain their gloss and last significantly longer than conventional paints. Spirit® licensees praise the company’s excellent communication, customer service, consistency of pricing and products and prompt shipping.

For more information or to place an order, contact:
Jones-Blair Customer Service (Attn: Elida)

For technical information:
Kristal Bluemer
Office: (214) 353-1645
Mobile: (214) 676-8542
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