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Marketers who license the Spirit brand benefit from the collective buying power of a strong and widespread licensee and dealer network that extends across our nation from coast to coast. Spirit leverages that buying power on behalf of all our brand licensees, negotiating cost savings on a gamut of business solutions like credit-card processing, insurance, financing programs and brand-identity apparel. We’ve done the legwork, establishing strong relationships with preferred vendors who are as committed as we are to keeping the cost of doing business affordable for petroleum marketers.

The best part? Spirit menu of business services is optional. Licensees may select from among Spirit’s preferred partner services as they see fit, and (other than our required imaging providers) are always free to use vendors who they determine will best serve their business needs. It’s all part of Spirit’s commitment to providing flexible, affordable options that allow licensees to stay in the driver’s seat.

Graphics – Mountain Commercial Graphics

Spirit’s attractive eagle logo and color scheme are specially produced for Spirit retail sites by Mountain Commercial Graphics. The industry leader provides high-quality pump, canopy and building graphics to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. With fast response times, innovative solutions for nonstandard elements and commitment to its clients, Mountain Commercial Graphics deserves its outstanding reputation for fast, responsive customer service. Learn More

Paints and Coatings – Jones-Blair Company

Spirit Petroleum’s high-quality protective paints and coatings are provided by Jones-Blair Company. The eye-catching, red-white-and-blue color scheme relies on Spirit Brand paint colors specially formulated just for Spirit by Jones’Blair.The company’s innovations revolutionized the service-station coatings business in the 1970s, and today Jones-Blair is the go-to paint provider for the vast majority of major refiner and independent petroleum brands. Learn More

Dispensers and Pumps – Wayne, a GE Energy Business

Known for more than a century as an industry leader in dispenser technology and service, Wayne offers well-designed and innovative retail fuel dispensing products that are uniquely tailored to the needs of marketers, dealers and motorists. The company’s Vista, Ovation and new Helix product lines incorporate features that ensure a clean, safe and accurate fueling experience for motorists. Learn More

Insurance – Federated Insurance

A leading provider of insurance programs for the petroleum marketing industry, Federated offers specialized products, award-winning safety and risk-management programs and unparalleled client service standards to Spirit Licensees. The company’s services are recommended by more than 400 industry organizations and trade associations, including the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA). Learn More

Uniforms – Affinity Apparel

Based in Ohio, and in business for over 70 years, Affinity Apparel serves as Spirit Petroleum’s preferred provider for brand-imaged apparel. The company’s Image Apparel Program includes the company’s stock line of high quality polo shirts, twill shirts, caps, aprons, smocks and outerwear, all embroidered with the proud Spirit logo. Learn More

Signs – Federal Heath Sign Company

Founded more than a century ago and a recognized industry leader, Federal Heath has provided quality, state-of-the-art signage to Spirit licensees since the brand was established. The team at Federal Heath is committed to making brand conversion as easy and economical as possible for Spirit licensees, finding money-saving solutions wherever possible while staying true to Spirit’s quality brand image. Learn More

Credit Card Payment Processing – WorldPay

Spirit is proud to bring the services of WorldPay, the fourth-largest payment processor in the US, to its brand licensees. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, WorldPay enjoys a reputation for stellar customer service. The per-transaction rate for Spirit licensees is among the lowest in the industry, which brings an immediate positive effect to a marketer’s bottom line. Learn More

Dispensers and Pumps – Gilbarco Veeder-Root

A worldwide technology leader for retail and commercial operations, Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers a broad range of fuel dispensers and systems for payment processing, point of sale, forecourt merchandising, tank gauging and fuel management. The company’s menu of products streamlines operations and boosts profits for both marketers and dealers. And Spirit licensees benefit from the Gilbarco national account pricing, resulting in significant savings. Learn More

ATM Machines – CORD Financial Services

A standout in the ATM and related financial services industry, CORD Financial Services has an outstanding reputation for high-quality equipment and award-winning customer service. Spirit® Licensees benefit from a competitively priced program of products and services designed specifically to meet the needs of the petroleum and convenience store industry. Learn More

Business and Financial Consulting – Meridian Associates, Inc.

Meridian Associates offers a broad menu of educational, consulting, business valuation and financial analysis products designed help petroleum marketers understand the financial aspects of their business. The company’s innovative and proprietary programs are designed to help marketers identify and address a wide range of business challenges, all with a goal of increasing cash flow and improving the bottom line. Learn More

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The Petroleum Marketers Oil Company, LLC (PMOCO) and the Spirit brand are owned by the nonprofit Petroleum Marketers Association of America. The brand is available to independent petroleum marketers who are members of PMAA’s 48 state and regional trade associations. © 2019 Spirit® Petroleum