Spirit®’s Test-Drive program is an innovative tool developed by the Spirit® Petroleum graphics department to help marketers visualize how a site will look as a Spirit® branded location.

To use the program, marketers send digital images of a proposed location to Spirit®. Spirit®’s graphics team then creates new digital images replacing signs, canopies, pump skirts, valances and other elements with the Spirit® logo and color scheme to show how that site would look when converted to the Spirit® brand.

Test-Drive images can be used in a variety of ways. For example, licensees requesting approval from local permitting agencies can include the photos in their applications. Licensees can also use “after” photos when appling for a variance in cases where Spirit®’s image standards conflict with local ordinances. They’re also helpful for figuring out how to determine the best imaging solutions for nonconforming elements such as multilevel canopies or oddly-shaped buildings. And Test-Drive photos can also be used to communicate the final look of the site to installation professionals during the conversion process.

test-drive before

Send us a digital photograph of an existing site.

test-drive after

We will create a digital image showing how the site would look branded as a Spirit® station.

Test-Drive for non-standard situations

Work with the Spirit® staff to create solutions to non-standard situations.

Tips for taking great Test-Drive pictures:

bulletSet the camera to the highest possible resolution. Look in your camera’s Settings menu for the “Image Quality,” “Resolution” or “Image Size” option. Select the “High” or “Best” setting. If only the number of pixels shows, choose the setting with the highest number.

bulletTake pictures on an overcast day. Cloud cover makes for more even light and fewer dark shadows under canopies and awnings.

bulletTake lots of pictures, from as many different angles as possible. Ten to fifteen pictures is a good goal. A large selection of pictures makes it easier to select a good, workable image that provides the best representation of how a site will appear when branded Spirit®.

bulletTake several pictures that show two sides of a canopy. This allows for altered photos that show options for canopy imaging.



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